I am a graduate student at the University of Minnesota. I have a Masters’ in Public Policy under my belt and am now toying with the idea of pursuing a Phd. My career objective is to make some communities better off without making anyone worse off :p (Full of dreams and ideal huh?)

I think a lot. I wonder why it’s so difficult for the urban poor in India to access banks. I wonder if the Indian retail sector really needs foreign investors. I wonder how much of ag productivity can be attributed to a lack of timely credit.

Like any other grad student my day revolves around assignments and readings, but I like to improvise my lifestyle – last year I went from eating out to cooking at home. This year I want to go from eating home cooked food to eating healthy food. All purpose flour, pasta and the likes have quietly exited my grocery list.

I am also freeing up my weekends to do fun stuff and ensure that grad school does not take over my life. If you want a sneak peak into my life you can follow me @HarshadaKarnik If you are curious about my past, you can read you can read more about about it here

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