I was pretty upset when I accidentally deleted my About me page because I thought that was one of my best written post/ page till date. However, on second thoughts I am happy I now have an opportunity to rewrite the about me section. I have been through some big changes in the past few months and I can now rewrite it to reflect my new persona. While the old page centered on my professional work, my new identity better articulates the different aspects of me.

I am now a doctoral student at the Applied Economics department. (the past few months, I was unsure if I wanted to start on a PhD), I am now more spiritual and philosophical than ever before (I am reading the Bhagwat Gita, listing to sermons, reading non-fiction and listening to Ted talks), after 3.5 years of me being in India in the future, I am finally in Minneapolis in the present (of course I carry a little bit of India in my mind and heart, but I am where I am right now) and I am getting healthier and better.

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